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Beast of Blood begins with a bang as the half dead mutated "Green Blood" creature attacks a group of sailors on a boat returning to the infamous "Blood Island". The Green Blood creature goes Krakatoa on their asses with what looks to be a large axe, but it may be just a big stick. It literally slaughters them all. What a great way to open a 60s Exploitation film!

While Beast of Blood takes place on Blood Island, the opening is really the last time we see the Green Blood creature as part of the main story. John Ashley returns once again as a scientist Bill Foster trying to find out the secrets behind the Blood Island deadly curse. Dr. Lorca (now played by Philippino actor Eddie Garcia) claims he is now madder than ever. Lorca has also removed the Green Blood monster's head which he keeps attached to a large electronic machine. His main goal is to use the Green Blood body and attach different heads to the monster.

While Lorca is performing his macabre experiments on the island, Ashley and his new companion, a female journalist played by Celeste Yarnall (co-star of the James Bond and Elvis films) find themselves in the middle of a new terrifying adventure as they follow Lorca's henchmen lead by the bald Razak (Bruno Punzalan) into the islands Valley of Doom where they are confronted with the horrors of Dr Lorcas failed experiments.

Beast of Blood plays more like an action-adventure than a horror film, the Valley of Doom is filled with traps and the climax of the film is an all out battle with explosions and gun fighting. This adds a really cool twist to the previous sci-fi horror theme of the previous Blood Island films.

Beast of Blood turned out to be the most successful film in the Blood Island series. With Eddie Romero taking over as the creative force behind the camera, audiences got an even more streamlined and exciting bloody cinema experience.


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