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Cal Jefferson (Savage's James Iglehart) and his beautiful wife (Shirley Washington) spend their honeymoon together in Hong Kong. Cal (who is a Pro-Boxer) also gets recognized there. While on a boat trip, a Chinese man named Charley (Chiquito) falls into the water and begins to drown so Cal saves him. After that Charley follows the married couple everywhere they go. Meanwhile, Jefferson and his wife buy a Buddha statue (that will bring them trouble very soon). They arrive at the hotel and Charley shows up again. Now they finally realize he can't talk, he's a mute. The hotel receptionist asks Charley why he follows the couple all the time. He writes back on a paper, that Jefferson saved his life, so his life now belongs to him. Cal and his wife are planning on going to Manila next and after that the honeymoon will end up in Hawaii. With the special Buddha in the trunk, they get mugged, but Charley appears and beats the shit outta the men (but they steal the Buddha anyways). Charley is now a friend to Cal so he shows him boxing and Charley shows him Kung Fu. Jefferson really wants to get on with the honeymoon, but again no luck, someone put bees in his room and they have to hide naked in the pool. Now the police get involved (to bring you a real classic exploitation ending to the movie).

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I'd call this movie a hidden forgotten exploitation gem. Blaxploitation and Kung Fu together always works (look at Rush Hour). The Kung Fu looks old school, sometimes not well done but it still looks realistic. The best thing about the film is the comedy. You will smile and/or laugh often. The acting is also pretty nice and there's the badass performance from James Iglehart as Cal. The American DVD is out of print. If you haven't got the film on VHS, try the HK DVD. It has one of the best endings in an exploitation film.

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