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A bored, nagging housewife named Meg (Gigi Darlene) makes the simple mistake of venturing out without her husband (Alan Feinstein) and into the clutches of a janitor-turned-rapist (Harold Key). The janitor makes the rough moves on Meg, but Meg makes it back to her apartment. Later, the janitor then slides a note underneath her door ordering her to come to his place or he'll frame Meg into being a ho. Meg agrees to show up, but after another rape-attempt, she kills the janitor with a table object. Quite sure that she won't recieve a fair trial on this one, Meg escapes to the big city as a fugitive. She bounces around from apartment to apartment, finding one abusive homeowner after another. After an exhaustive search, Meg finally thinks she found a safe place in an elderly lady's home, but finds out that her son is a detective working on Meg's case. The detective shows up and immediately recognizes Meg. Meg freaks out and....Wakes up from her nightmare. Ah, but the good ol' twist comes once she gets dressed up and walks outside to see the janitor awaiting.

Well, sorry to give the movie away, but even if the movie was already quite crummy to begin with, the viewer (Or at least, this viewer) just feels insulted whenever this cop-out approach appears in a movie. Sure, this act was shockworthy over 30 years ago...And that's the thing, 30 years ago! It's impossible to keep this twist (Wish I knew the proper terminology for it) fresh and effective. But if you do happen to be a fan of this technique, feel free to give BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL a look.

Reviewed by Laydback - 1/16/08

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