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BMX Bandits is an Australian kids movie directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith, who is also responsible for parts 3 and 4 of the Leprechaun series and various other B-movies. I'd like to start by saying that it's impossible for me to neutrally review BMX Bandits, it's one of my favourite movies of all time. I have no idea why a family movie about 3 BMX driving children is so fascinating and highly enjoyable for me. I never sat on a BMX bike and I dislike most of the family movies I ever saw. It's not due to nostalgia reasons either. It's not like I saw the movie when I was a kid and I enjoy watching it today, even though I know it's campy. No, I found about it when I was 21. But I don't plan on analysing the reasons, I just watch it and have a good time. And maybe you should too.


The movie focuses on PJ, Goose and Judy (15 year old Nicole Kidman in her first big screen appearence!), who want nothing more than to drive around on BMX's and have a BMX racetrack built. But first, they need some money. They eventually find and snatch a hidden box full of walkie-talkies, which they begin to sell. Problem is that those were hidden there by robbers, who want it back pretty bad. Lots of comedy, stunts and cartoonlike chase sequences ensue. Incompetent robbers! Foam explosion! Water slide! Sound effects! Fat Kid! Some great music is thrown in there too, the song during the closing credits deserves extra attention. It's awesome, uplifting, and a big favourite of mine.

BMX Bandits is like a real life cartoon with cool BMX scenes, and luckily it doesn't try to do anything more than serving entertainment. I prefer this movie over The Godfather or Star Wars any day of the week. It's my No.1 movie from "Down Under", even topping Mad Max. If you don't take it seriously, have some love for The Goonies, and if you can let out the kid in you, watch it. Everybody needs to see this movie at least once.

Reviewed by Kenneth

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