BLOODY TERROR: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J Warren - 1976-1987 (BluRay)

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One of British genre cinema’s most important and distinctive independent filmmakers, Norman J. Warren made a series of horror films which were at the forefront of a new wave in British horror during the 1970s. Reflecting a period of permissiveness and fearlessness, Warren’s distinctive stylings are far removed from the Gothic conventions of Hammer Films, deliberately upped the ante in terms of sex, violence and gore to create a new breed of horror that was designed to shock for shock’s sake.

Five of Norman J Warren’s horrifying chillers are presented here in new restorations and on Blu-ray for the very first time in the UK. Containing a wealth of new and archival extras – including new appreciations by contemporary British filmmakers, new cast and crew interviews, audio commentaries on all five films, rare short films, outtakes and alternative scenes, and making-of documentaries – this stunning Limited Edition box set is strictly limited to 6,000 units.

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The Films

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New 2K restorations of all five films, approved by director Norman J Warren • Original mono audio • The BEHP Interview with Norman J Warren (2018): an archival video recording, made as part of the British Entertainment History Project, featuring the prolific filmmaker in conversation with Martin Sheffield• Satan’s Slave audio commentary with director Norman J Warren and screenwriter David McGillivray, and a second commentary with Warren and composer John Scott • Prey audio commentary with Norman J Warren and author Jonathan Rigby • Terror audio commentary with Norman J Warren and screenwriter David McGillivray • Inseminoid audio commentary with Norman J Warren and assistant director Gary White • Bloody New Year audio commentary with Norman J Warren and film critic Josephine • All You Need Is Blood (1976): a vintage ‘making of’ documentary for Satan’s Slave, presented in High Definition for the first time • Creating Satan (2004): an archival documentary on the making of Satan’s Slave featuring interviews with Warren, David McGillivray, actor Martin Potter, and others • Devilish Music (2004): an archival interview with composer John Scott • Satan’s Slave alternative scenes • Keep on Running (2004): an archival documentary on the making of Prey featuring interviews with Warren, actor Sally Faulkner, producer Terry Marcel, and others • Prey: On Set with Norman J Warren (1977): location footage with new Norman J Warren commentary • Bloody Good Fun (2004): an archival documentary on the making of Terror featuring interviews with Warren, actors Carolyn Courage, Mary Maude, James Aubrey and Elaine Ives-Cameron, writer David McGillivray, and others • Interview with John Nolan (2019): the Terror actor recalls making the film • Terror deleted scene • Subterranean Universe (2004): an archival documentary on the making of Inseminoid featuring interviews with Warren, actors Stephanie Beacham, David Baxt and Barry Houghton, and others • Interview with Trevor Thomas (2019): a new interview with the Inseminoid actor Inseminoid Girl (2004): an archival interview with actor Judy Geeson • Electronic Approach (2004): an archival interview with Inseminoid composer John Scott • Interview with Catherine Roman (2019): the Bloody New Year actor recalls making the film • Interview with Steve Emerson (2019): the actor and stunt coordinator discusses working on Terror and Bloody New Year • Norman J Warren: A Sort of Autobiography (2004): an archival career-encompassing interview • The Bridge (1955-57): surviving footage of an early short film directed by Warren, about a pilot on a mission to locate a bridge in Germany during World War II • The Making of ‘The Bridge’: rare and unseen behind-the-scenes footage with commentary by Warren • Carol (1962): pilot tests for Warren’s unrealised feature film about teenage pregnancy and backstreet abortion, with Georgina Hale and Michael Craze • Drinkin’ Time (1963): a comic silent short directed by Warren • Turn Off Your Bloody Phone: Norman J Warren and the Ghost (2013): horror short produced for FrightFest, starring Warren, David McGillivray, and Yixi Sun • Interview with Yixi Sun (2019): an interview with the filmmaker and Warren collaborator • Trailers and TV Spots • Image galleries: promotional and publicity material • New English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing • Limited edition exclusive 120-page book with a new essay by Adrian Smith, archival interviews, articles and on-set reports, an overview of contemporary critical responses, and film credits and more • World and UK premieres on Blu-ray • Limited Edition Box Set of 6,000 numbered copies

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