August 2010 Features

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  • Page/poster added for the 1960s psychedelic/pop star documentary: Mondo Hollywood.
Exploitation film reviews


  • REVIEW: They didn't play by any rules, no one could get in their way cuz they were a Bad, Bad, Gang!.
  • REVIEW: They called it God's country til all hell broke loose! Jan Michael Vincent and Kris Kristofferson star in the 70s hixploitation action-drama Vigilante Force. Page/poster added for the Ron Ormond hixploitation/country music film Forty Acre Feud.


  • Page/poster/review added for the 1972 biker/drugsploitation/hick film J.C.
  • REVIEW: Narcan takes us back to the glorious days of Hammer Horror with his look at Dracula.
  • Fans of classic exploitation film poster art will surely enjoy our new virtual gallery now featured on the main page!
  • Page/poster added for the 1977 sexploitation comedy starring the late great Candice Rialson: Chatterbox.
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