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  • A shy, raped policewoman becomes obsessed with capturing the criminal and starts using herself as a bait in Yasuhare Hasebe’s pink thriller. The idea is somewhat interesting and clearly more ambitious than the cheap rape and sm movies by some other directors. Here the main character is a victim, but willingly exposes herself to further danger. Unfortunately the execution is left a bit halfway, and never comes close to reaching the psychological depth of the greatest Nikkatsu films (such as Tanaka’s Beauty's Exotic Dance: Torture). The visual side is okay, with some great images and framings here and there, but not as violently graphic as you might expect. For some reason Hasebe – who undeniably is a talented filmmaker – has also decided to include more sex than the Nikkatsu guidelines require. The soundtrack by Ludwig van Beethoven however is quite effective, and the ending goes against genre conventions to some extent. A little disappointing but interesting film, one of the better ones of its kind. --HungFist
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