April 2009 Features

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database

  • 4/23/09: Gordon Liu battles Lo Lieh once again. This time with the help of the Dirty Ho | Willard, desperate to have a lover, finds his aid thanks to the Dirty Duck! NEW!
  • 4/22/09: Lina Romay seduces as the Female Vampire | Turn on, tune in and flip out with our American Hippie (Hellish Utopia Mix) music video!
  • 4/19/09: Need help in protecting your ladies-of-the-night? Try the P.P.S. (Prostitutes Protective Society)
  • 4/18/09: Make way for Abar, the First Black Superman!
  • 4/16/09: Get laid and played by the Syndicate Symphony (Deuce Remix) | Our in-depth article on Exploitation film legend David F. Friedman is near completion!
  • 4/15/09: Comments added to Revenge of The Cheerleaders
  • 4/14/09: Join the Symphonic Liberation Army with Tanya
  • 4/13/09: The Deuce pays tribute to Duke Mitchell: I Got Somethin For Ya (Goombas With Attitude Mix)‎
  • 4/13/09: Peter Cushing is going batso to the beat in the video for Corruption (Deuce Remix)
  • 4/7/09: Watch our latest music video for the hip-hop remix Kung Fu Basterd (The Deuce Mix)
  • 4/7/09: The price of admission is the rest of your life at the Dead End Drive-In
  • 4/6/09: Our celebration of classic Ozploitation cinema continues with: Deathcheaters
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