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Two sailors are standing on a ships deck having a cigarette. The ship is carrying a big huge Gorilla (Thirty-six feet tall). Suddenly he escapes, landing in the water. He fights a shark (it looks funny), and then gets to the Korean shore. The next day, movie star Marilyn Baker (Joanna Kerns) arrives in South Korea to star in a movie. Meanwhile Capt. Kim (Nak-hun Lee) gets phone calls from citizens who have seen huge footprints and the actual giant gorilla.

Kim gets in touch with the American Allied Force's Colonel Davis (Alex Nicol). Davis doesn't takethe news seriously. Then more phone calls start coming in. The APE walks through South Korea, then arrives at a filming location where Marilyn is shooting some scenes. They film a scene where she runs away from a man and she's screaming for help. The APE takes it seriously and wants to help her. He rescues her by picking her up in his hand and suddenly the army shows up and attacks him. Then he sets Marylin free and she hides out in a cave. But no luck they can't take him down. Marilyn runs away with her friend Tom (Rod Arrants) since he was looking for her.

APE tries to follow and arrives in the city of Seoul. Marilyn hides out at Captain Kim's house with his wife and children, but APE still finds her and takes her with him again. The Korean government gives the OK to kill him and guess what? Blood comes right out of his mouth!

On the internet, I've noticed not many people have something good to say about the movie. But I enjoyed it. It has charm and even some humor in the form of Colonel Davis. A review is a review and that's it. If we all had the same opinions, the world would be boring. So get some popcorn, maybe a cold beer and watch APE, 'coz it's fun!

Reviewed by GBS

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