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Ann (Barbie Kemp) has recently been married to Steve (Tony Gregory), who has just been promoted to a very prestigious position in his company and can provide healthily for his new wife. A strange illness comes over him one day (while playing the piano!) though, and he is forced to stay in bed for many months and be cared for by Ann. In order to provide for the two of them while Steve is sick and out of work, Ann decides she will become a prostitute like her old roommate, since she knows she will make a large amount of money from the endeavor.

Doris Wishman's turgid exploitation film Another Day, Another Man is B-Movie filmmaking at its campiest. The film opens with a great musical piece (which has been co-opted by Something Weird Video as their disc opening promo music) and stills from the scenes we are about to watch. The untitled piece of music is perfectly indicative of the film it accompanies and excellently sets up the feel of what you are about to watch.


As per usual with Wishman's films, the dialogue has all been dubbed in after the fact and we hardly ever see a scene where someone is actually speaking their lines on camera. Add to this the fact that several scenes have been lifted from other Doris Wishman films to conserve money, especially during scenes from a flashback featuring a pair of twins (Darlene and Rita Bennett) that are seduced by a pimp (which have been taken from the film My Brother's Wife), and you have the makings of a true exploitation classic. There's no need to mention the fact that Doris' camera is just as interested in random objects here as it is in her other films (such as Bad Girls Go to Hell and Nude on the Moon).

Wishman was never one to waste her resources (as evidenced with the recycled footage) and this even held true with reusing her cast. Several folks from her previous films pop up here including Gigi Darlene and Darlene Bennett from Bad Girls Go to Hell. Sam Stewart (also from Bad Girls Go to Hell) shows up here as Ann's pimp and delivers a great over-the-top performance as the slimeball.

Review by Pockets of Sanity

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