Angels From Hell/Soundtrack

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< Angels From Hell
  • Original Music by Various Artists



1. Peanut Butter Conspiracy: No One Says A Word (No Communication) 2. Stu Phillips: Angels From Hell 3. Stu Phillips: 4 O'Clock Tea (Laudanum) 4. Stu Phillips: Walkin' In 5. Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Crystal Tear 6. Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Angels From Hell 7. Stu Phillips: Propinquity 8. Stu Phillips: Circumabient Cycles 9. Ted Markland: Shake Off The Chains 10. Lollipop Shoppe: Mr. Madison Avenue 11. Stu Phillips: Amalgamation 12. Lollipop Shoppe: Who's It Gonna Be

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