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Since suffering the results of a car accident and losing her baby in the process, Jane (Edwige Fenech) has been having strange nightmares involving a grotesque child-birth and the murder of her mother (which really happened) by a strange, blue-eyed man (Ivan Rassimov). Besides having to deal with the disturbing dreams, the accident has also left some damage on Jane's love life with her husband, Richard (George Hilton) Richard is content on having Jane improve by psychoanalysis and medication, but Jane's sister, Barbara (Nieves Navarro) has other plans to help cure Jane's problems...Which involves the occult. Jane goes through with the black magic recommendation and after experiencing a blood ceremony/orgy within the cult's circle, the results have had positive effects on her. But she will now have to pay a price for now being a member of this wicked cult which leaves dead bodies in her path--With the blue-eyed man from her nightmares being accounted for as the killer.

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This is definitely one of the more stylized-looking gialli I've seen. The locales (set in England) are a nice, colorful departure from the usual Italian scenery. Plus the wild, nightmare sequences (though appearing briefly) provide the most subversive imagery that could be found within the genre. Rounding out this quite unique experience is the musical score from Bruno Nicolai which brings back shades of the eerie childlike chants heard in The Bird With The Crystal Plumage along with a different theme consisting of guitar-heavy melodies and sinister wailing which take place during the occult scenes (which, visually, owes a thing or two from Rosemary's Baby). Though the climax feels a bit disorganized and rushed, overall, this is still one to watch for. Especially for fans of Sergio Martino and Edwige Fenech.

Reviewed by Laydback

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