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  • Amaray re-release (also on DVD)
  • Release date: 30 October 2018
  • Specs as previous editions
  • Buy now: From

  • Label: X-Rated
  • Release date: April 2, 2018
  • Eurocult Collection Nr. 43; Five different Mediabook editions (limited to 444, 33 and 111 copies for artworks C,D,E) as well as several "Hartbox" releases with different covers
  • Original cut for the first time available in Germany; Film available in HD for the first time world wide.
  • Audio: Complete German dub; Italian audio with German subtitles
  • Extras: video intro by Marcus Stiglegger (12min); German alternate version (re-release); alternate takes from the US version; rare German lobby cards; posters; Spanish advertising materials; press materials; TV spot, US trailer; original trailer; 16 page booklet with text by Christoph N. Kellerbach
  • Buy from Amazon Germany: Cover A, Cover B, Cover C, Grosse Hartbox Cover D, Cover D, Cover E
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