10 to Midnight

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10 to Midnight (1983,USA) is a Crime-thriller film directed by J. Lee Thompson.
  • The movie marks the fourth collaboration between Bronson and director J. Lee Thompson (following 1976's St. Ives, 1977's The White Buffalo, and 1980's Caboblanco).


Main Details

  • Released in 1983 | Color | Runtime: 101 min | Rated R
  • Production Co: Cannon Group | City Films
  • Distribution Co: Cannon Film Distributors (1983) (USA) (theatrical) | Suomi-Filmi (1983) (Finland) (theatrical) | Warner-Columbia Filmverleih (1983) (Germany) (theatrical) | Citadel Films (Canada) (theatrical) | MGM/UA Entertainment Company (1983) (USA) (theatrical)
  • Directed by J. Lee Thompson
  • Written by J. Lee Thompson and William Roberts
  • Starring: Charles Bronson, Lisa Eilbacher, Andrew Stevens, Gene Davis, Geoffrey Lewis, Wilford Brimley, Robert F. Lyons, Bert Williams, Iva Lane, Ola Ray, Kelly Preston.
  • Produced by Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan, Lance Hool, Pancho Kohner
  • Original Music by Robert O. Ragland
  • Cinematography by Adam Greenberg
  • Film Editing by Peter Lee-Thompson

Also Known As

  • Éjféli leszámolás (Hungary)
  • 10 före midnatt (Finland)
  • 10 før midnatt (Norway)
  • 10 lepta prin ta mesanyhta (Greece) |
  • 10 minut do polnoci (Slovenia)
  • Al filo de la medianoche (Spain)
  • Dez Minutos Para Morrer (Brazil)
  • Dez para a Meia-Noite (Portugal)
  • Dieci minuti a mezzanotte (Italy)
  • Diez a la media noche (Peru)
  • Diez minutos para morir (Peru)
  • Ein Mann wie Dynamit (West Germany)
  • Ennen keskiyötä (Finland)
  • Geceyarisina 10 kala (Turkey)
  • I sidste sekund (Denmark)
  • Le justicier de minuit (France)
  • Ten to Midnight (USA) (alt spelling)

Plot Summary

  • An LAPD detective and his rookie partner are on the trail of a psychopathic young man who is murdering young women.


  • Back in town...with a vengeance! | Bronson is back on the streets. | Bronson...is in town. | Forget what's legal...do what's right! | A cop...A killer...A deadline.
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