Love Camp 7

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Also Known As

  • Camp 7: Lager femminile (Italy)
  • Nazi Love Camp 7 (Australia)


  • A Place of Total Despair. All the youthful beauty of Europe enslaved for the pleasure of the 3rd Reich.

Main Details

  • Released in 1969
  • Color
  • Runtime: 96 min

Cast and Crew

  • Written by Wes Bishop, Bob Cresse
  • Starring: Maria Lease, Kathy Williams, Phil Poth, John Alderman, Carolyn Appleby, Bob Cresse, David F. Friedman, Bruce Kimball, Larry Martinelli, Shelly Martin, Louis Mazzarella, John Riazzi, Patricia Roddy, Ken Sims, Natasha Steel, Rodger Steel, Rod Wilmoth
  • Produced by Wes Bishop, Bob Cresse
  • Cinematography by Lee Frost

Cool Quotes

  • Commandant: "I can not guarantee you that you will love LOVE CAMP 7, but I can guarantee you that you will love IN LOVE CAMP 7."
  • Commandant: "Very well. You say you are prepared to do anything. Let's start with...let's say: My boots. Crawl overhere and lick my boots."

Referenced In

  • Discovering 'Evil Dead' (2002) (V)